What are the main differences between your various product variants, such as classic, creamy, strong, bold?

Our product variants primarily differ in the origin of the cacao used. Each variant is sourced from distinct cacao farms, each with its own unique environmental conditions and post-harvest processes. These factors contribute to the distinctive flavor profiles of each variant, offering customers a diverse range of chocolate experiences to explore.

Is it made from pure cacao beans, or does it contain any additional ingredients or additives?

Our Instant Cacao Mix is made with additional ingredients such as skimmed coconut milk and/or sugar to offer a convenient and quick way to enjoy a delicious cacao drink. However, aside from these additions, our product contains no additional ingredients, flavor enhancers, or additives. This ensures that you can enjoy the pure and unadulterated goodness of a chocolate drink, without any unnecessary additives.

What is the cacao percentage in it?

The cacao percentage in our mix typically ranges from 70% to 85%. This means that our blend contains a high concentration of cacao solids, which contributes to its rich flavor and intense chocolate taste. By using cacao with such high percentages, we ensure that our customers can enjoy the authentic essence of chocolate in every sip of their drink. Whether it's 70% or 85%, our goal is to provide a premium quality cacao experience that satisfies even the most discerning chocolate enthusiasts.

Can it be used to make cold chocolate drinks, such as iced chocolate or chocolate milkshakes? How about champorado or for baking?

Absolutely! Our Instant Cacao Mix can be used to create a variety of cold chocolate drinks, including iced chocolate or chocolate milkshakes. However, due to its high content of natural cacao butter, we recommend dissolving it first in freshly boiled water (approximately 150mL per sachet). Once dissolved, you can pour it over ice or blend it with other ingredients to create refreshing and indulgent cold beverages. Additionally, our mix is versatile and can also be used to make traditional Filipino champorado or incorporated into baking recipes for delicious chocolatey treats. However, since it is a mix rather than pure cocoa powder, some adjustments to your recipe may be necessary. Also, we have a special mix to make preparing champorado easier and healthier for you. Check out our Rolled Oats Champorado and grab your pack for a convenient breakfast, merienda or meal prep option.

What is the difference between your Instant Cacao Mix and traditional cocoa powder?

Our Instant Cacao Mix is crafted from high-quality cacao powder sourced from whole cacao beans, making it as a premium option in the realm of craft chocolate. Blended with natural ingredients like skimmed coconut milk and/or sugar, this mix offers a convenient and flavorful way to enjoy a rich chocolate drink without the need for extra ingredients. Unlike traditional cocoa powder, which is often considered commodity chocolate and commonly used in recipes, our mix provides a convenient alternative that delivers a premium chocolate experience.

What makes PhOligo stand out among gut supplements, and how does it differentiate itself from others in the same category?

PhOligo stands out as an all-purpose prebiotic powder, seamlessly enhancing the nutritional value of your food and drinks while supporting comprehensive gut health. Unlike typical gut supplements featuring live microorganisms (Probiotics), PhOligo uniquely serves as the favored nourishment for the entire spectrum of organisms within our gut flora (Prebiotics). This distinctive approach fosters a diverse and organic enhancement of the microbiome, setting PhOligo apart for a more holistic improvement in gut health.

How should I take PhOligo for optimal results?

Research suggests that an intake of 15 grams of prebiotics daily can support optimal gut health improvement. However, as prebiotics are naturally present in various natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, hence we recommend trying one sachet of PhOligo per day and observing the results for yourself.

Who is PhOligo suitable for?

PhOligo can support individuals in managing minor gut health concerns and promoting overall gut health. Research suggests that prebiotics like fructooligosaccharides are safe for supplementation in babies' diets starting at 6 months of age, and they may also benefit pregnant women experiencing constipation. Additionally, PhOligo can be taken alongside maintenance medication as it is not contraindicated, and it is also beneficial for older adults.