What is PhOligo?

PhOligo is a globally known plant-derived prebiotic powder used as a nutrition fortifier. Aside from its innate good taste, its excellent versatility in application makes it a perfect addition to any food or beverage you normally consume.

The prebiotic effect of PhOligo has been confirmed in numerous scientific researches and clinical trials. It is proven to nourish and support the growth as well as the activities of beneficial bacteria in the colon thus improving general health and well-being.

PhOligo Benefits

Helps relieve constipation and reduce the production of toxins in the colon

Aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals

Develops and improves the immune system

Reduces risk for a wide variety of disorders

What Customers Are Saying

I struggled with breastfeeding my eldest because I didn’t produce any milk. I tried other moringa capsules, but didn’t help. With my last pregnancy I used Marete OB a few weeks prior to giving birth. It worked wonders because I was producing milk and my son was always satisfied with his feeds. Also, I was able to get 2oz per breast per pump as early as the first week. I really recommend Marete OB to all moms who plan to breastfeed because not only does it help increase your breastmilk supply, but it also has DHA and EPA, which is best for baby’s eyes and brain development.

Ceevee Esguerra, Mom of 2

When my husband and I found out that we are 4weeks pregnant, we were so determined to exclusively breasfeed our incoming 2nd child. A good friend of mine introduced to us this malunggay supplement Marete OB. At 33 weeks I asked my Obgyne if I can stop the vit supplements she gave me and just take the marete ob since its not just a malunggay supplement, it has DHA and EPA that can help the development of the baby’s brain inside.

When our baby arrived, just like the other moms, I was also struggling to feed my baby at first since my milk supply is not that stable yet .Before feeding my baby I took 1cap of Marete OB and after 30mins I noticed my breast milk is flowing already. I continuously take it until our 1st month and It really helped me a lot in producing more milk (in terms of quality and quantity) for my little one.

Angel Fontanilla, Mom of 2 (2 months post-partum)

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